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History of Hearts That Matter

Hearts That Matter was created out of the vision and experience of Kimberly Geis after she entered the field of senior care as a caregiver in 1996. Kimberly saw how as seniors aged they seem to withdraw, believe that they no longer matter and begin to feel like a burden on others. Kimberly also experienced how her personal, heartfelt, one-to-one support for each senior in her care had a very significant effect on the quality of life and the wellness of her clients and their families. Kimberly was touched by the relationships she developed with her clients and was inspired to create a business doing what she loves with hopes of providing as many seniors as possible with the best care available, from the heart, caring for the hearts of those who matter the most.

Seventeen years later Hearts That Matter, Inc. and Kimberly Geis have impacted the lives of thousands of clients and their families in a positive way, including Kimberly's own grandparents in their last years of life. Kimberly is regarded as an expert in the community on senior care, with a passion and reputation of providing the best senior care available. She owns and operates a care home, and is now excited about offering franchise opportunities to further the mission of Hearts That Matter.


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