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Residential Care

Hearts that Matter, Inc. offers a beautiful setting for up to six full time residents. Our home is located in the beautiful Napa Valley just off Jefferson St. Our carehome provides full care to the residents such as transferring from the bed or wheelchair, ambulating, meals, dressing, incontinence and personal hygiene.

Their goal is to allow the elderly to "age in place" in a home environment. Kim personally advocates for our residents to be able to remain in our home throughout the duration of their lives. Hearts That Matter, Inc. care home staff are trained to work with Hospice and provide additional levels of care as necessary.

State License# 286801547

Activities in the Carehome

We have activities and transportation daily from 11am-3pm, Monday- Friday.

We have a wheelchair accessible van and take ladies to get their nails and hair done biweekly and men get haircuts and full face shaves.

In addition to our activities HTM is able to accommodate personal requests for activities or outings. Example is a client want to be driven to meet their family or friend for a luncheon or we have had clients belonging to gardening or bird watching groups so we fit that in our schedule of activities.

B-I-N-G-O! Who doesn't enjoy a great game of bingo? Bingo is played every Monday at the Napa senior center.
The best thing about birthday's is everyone has one. Everyone gets to feel extra special for a day and we don't forget. Birthdays are celebrated with staff and residents throughout the year.
Weekly car rides from Napa to Calistoga, with visit/viewing points along the way including wineries, veterans homes, the Calistoga Geyser, all while viewing the mustards in bloom. In addition, we also attend the annual Napa fair and eat corndogs. Yum!
Trips to the Valley
We venture out occasionally, to break up the scenery and take our residents to local plays and performances in the valley.
Other Trips
In addition to the trips to the valley, we also take trips to Oxbow Market, Julia's Kitchen (formerly known as Copia Wine Cellar), and other spontaneous trips.
Who doesn't love music of some sort? We do and we enjoy all sorts of music from our regular keyboardist who stops in frequently, to local classes sending choir's and musicians over.
Special Interests
We are more than happy to accommodate to any special interest that you are involved in or interested in.
Table Games
Good old fashion table games. We play many table games, including chess, bridge, memory games and many more.
Arts & Humanities
Napa has numerous art galleries and we frequent many of them including the Christopher Hill gallery and the Jessel Miller's gallery, among others.
Napa Senior Center
Napa has a beautiful senior center that has all sorts of events and activities going on. We journey over to the senior center at least a couple times a week for activities ranging from Health seminars to senior support groups to pancake breakfast and everything in between.


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State License #: 286801547